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org::jfree::resourceloader::factory::image::JPEGImageFactoryModule Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jfree::resourceloader::factory::image::JPEGImageFactoryModule:

org::jfree::resourceloader::factory::AbstractFactoryModule org::jfree::resourceloader::factory::FactoryModule

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Detailed Description

Creation-Date: 05.04.2006, 17:35:12

Thomas Morgner

Definition at line 51 of file JPEGImageFactoryModule.java.

Public Member Functions

int canHandleResource (final ResourceManager caller, final ResourceData data) throws ResourceCreationException, ResourceLoadingException
Resource create (final ResourceManager caller, final ResourceData data, final ResourceKey context) throws ResourceLoadingException
int getHeaderFingerprintSize ()

Static Public Attributes

static final int FEELING_LUCKY = 0
static final int RECOGNIZED_CONTENTTYPE = 2000
static final int RECOGNIZED_FILE = 1000
static final int RECOGNIZED_FINGERPRINT = 4000
static final int REJECTED = -1

Protected Member Functions

boolean canHandleResourceByContent (final InputStream data) throws IOException
boolean canHandleResourceByMimeType (final String name)
boolean canHandleResourceByName (final String name)
String[] getFileExtensions ()
int[] getFingerPrint ()
String[] getMimeTypes ()

Static Private Attributes

static final String[] FILEEXTENSIONS
static final int FINGERPRINT_1 [] = {0xFF, 0xD8, 0xFF, 0xE0}
static final int FINGERPRINT_2 [] = {0x4A, 0x46, 0x49, 0x46, 0x00}
static final String[] MIMETYPES

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