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org::jfree::resourceloader::loader::resource::ClassloaderResourceData Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jfree::resourceloader::loader::resource::ClassloaderResourceData:

org::jfree::resourceloader::loader::AbstractResourceData org::jfree::resourceloader::ResourceData

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Detailed Description

Creation-Date: 05.04.2006, 15:15:36

Thomas Morgner

Definition at line 48 of file ClassloaderResourceData.java.

Public Member Functions

 ClassloaderResourceData (final ResourceKey key)
Object getAttribute (String key)
ResourceKey getKey ()
int getResource (ResourceManager caller, byte[] target, int offset, int length) throws ResourceLoadingException
int getResource (final ResourceManager caller, final byte[] target, int offset, int length) throws ResourceLoadingException
byte[] getResource (ResourceManager caller) throws ResourceLoadingException
InputStream getResourceAsStream (ResourceManager caller) throws ResourceLoadingException
long getVersion (ResourceManager caller) throws ResourceLoadingException

Static Public Attributes

static final String CONTENT_LENGTH = "content-length"
static final String CONTENT_TYPE = "content-type"
static final String FILENAME = "filename"

Private Attributes

ResourceKey key
String resourcePath

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