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org::jfree::resourceloader::ResourceKey Class Reference

Inherits java::io::Serializable.

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Detailed Description

The key is an unique identifier for the resource. Most of the time, this may be an URL, but other (especially database based) schemas are possible.

A resource key must provide an 'equals' implementation. ResourceKeys should be implemented as immutable classes, so that they can be safely stored in collections or on external storages (like caches).

Thomas Morgner

Definition at line 50 of file ResourceKey.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean equals (final Object o)
Map getFactoryParameters ()
Object getIdentifier ()
ResourceKey getParent ()
Object getSchema ()
int hashCode ()
 ResourceKey (final ResourceKey parent, final Object schema, final Object identifier, final Map factoryParameters)
 ResourceKey (final Object schema, final Object identifier, final Map factoryParameters)
String toString ()

Private Attributes

Map factoryParameters
Integer hashCode
Object identifier
ResourceKey parent
Object schema

Static Private Attributes

static final Map EMPTY_MAP

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