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org::jfree::resourceloader::ResourceData Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jfree::resourceloader::ResourceData:

org::jfree::resourceloader::cache::CachingResourceData org::jfree::resourceloader::loader::AbstractResourceData org::jfree::resourceloader::loader::raw::RawResourceData org::jfree::resourceloader::loader::file::FileResourceData org::jfree::resourceloader::loader::resource::ClassloaderResourceData org::jfree::resourceloader::loader::URLResourceData org::jfree::resourceloader::loader::zip::ZipResourceData

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Detailed Description

A resource data object encapsulates the raw data of an resource at a given point in the past.

Any change to the resource increases the version number. Version numbers are not needed to be checked regulary, but must be checked on each call to 'getVersion()'.

This definitly does *not* solve the problem of concurrent modifications; if you need to be sure that the resource has not been altered between the last call to 'getVersion' and 'getResource..' external locking mechanism have to be implemented.

Thomas Morgner

Definition at line 50 of file ResourceData.java.

Public Member Functions

Object getAttribute (String key)
ResourceKey getKey ()
int getResource (ResourceManager caller, byte[] target, int offset, int length) throws ResourceLoadingException
byte[] getResource (ResourceManager caller) throws ResourceLoadingException
InputStream getResourceAsStream (ResourceManager caller) throws ResourceLoadingException
long getVersion (ResourceManager caller) throws ResourceLoadingException

Static Public Attributes

static final String CONTENT_LENGTH = "content-length"
static final String CONTENT_TYPE = "content-type"
static final String FILENAME = "filename"

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