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org::jfree::resourceloader::factory::drawable::DrawableResourceFactory Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jfree::resourceloader::factory::drawable::DrawableResourceFactory:

org::jfree::resourceloader::factory::AbstractResourceFactory org::jfree::resourceloader::ResourceFactory

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Detailed Description

Creation-Date: 05.04.2006, 17:59:50

Thomas Morgner

Definition at line 41 of file DrawableResourceFactory.java.

Public Member Functions

synchronized Resource create (final ResourceManager manager, final ResourceData data, final ResourceKey context) throws ResourceCreationException, ResourceLoadingException
Class getFactoryType ()
void initializeDefaults ()
synchronized void registerModule (final FactoryModule module)
synchronized boolean registerModule (final String className)

Static Public Member Functions

static synchronized
getInstance ()

Static Public Attributes

static final String CONFIG_PREFIX

Static Private Attributes

static DrawableResourceFactory instance

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